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Lewis Center's 30th Anniversary

The Lewis Center for Educational Research (Lewis Center) celebrates 30 years of educational excellence!  Join us in continuing the vision and building the future by raising $30,000 in 3 months in honor of our 30th anniversary.
Our unique 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization provides access to facilities, instruments and educators in a variety of hands-on instructional programs for elementary, middle and high school children throughout our local communities and the nation.  The Lewis Center is home to two exemplary charter schools serving approximately 2,300 students:  Academy for Academic Excellence (AAE) in Apple Valley and Norton Science and Language Academy (NSLA) in San Bernardino.  In addition to operating two charter schools, the Lewis Center operates the GAVRT Radio Astronomy Program, reaching students and teachers around the world, through a strong, 20+ year partnership with NASA/JPL.
Thank you for your support in allowing the Lewis Center to thrive for over 30 years in our communities!
This fundraiser is ongoing and will last through December 19, 2020. By contributing a small amount of $30 or more you can help support the Lewis Center's students, staff and amazing programs. We have always depended on the generosity of donors and community partners like you, and we need your help to continue moving forward in being on the cutting edge of education in the 21st Century

Lewis Center 30th Anniversary Documentary - Part 1

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The mission of the Lewis Center for Educational Research is to ensure student success in a global society through data driven and research-based schools and programs that are safe, innovative and culturally inclusive.

About Us

The LCER operates two charter schools: Academy for Academic Excellence in Apple Valley, a TK-12 college-preparatory program with a STEAM emphasis, and Norton Science and Language Academy (NSLA) in San Bernardino, a TK-8 Spanish/English Dual Immersion model school with a STEAM emphasis. The LCER’s unique partnership with NASA/JPL on the GAVRT Radio Astronomy Project has reached more than 600 teachers and 50,000 students around the world in ongoing science campaigns. LCER also operates a number of historical and STEM local outreach programs from their replica pioneer town, Mineral City, and at the Apple Valley Center for Innovation (an informal education STEM Center in partnership with Apple Valley Unified School District).