Preserving this wetlands area above the Upper Mojave River Narrows,
which is used by migratory water birds and amphibians,
is one example of managing our desert's groundwater reserves
for the "beneficial use" of all the members of our desert home and community.  

If you live within the Mojave Water Agency Boundaries in the Western Mojave Desert and are interested in the conservation and wise management of our common groundwater resources, we would like to provide you with an opportunity to help your community become more involved in water conservation and management.

Funding is currently available through a strategic partnership between the Lewis Center for Educational Research and the Mojave Water Agency for the Groundwater Educational Mini-grant (GEM) program to selectively fund proposals submitted by schools, teachers or other organizations throughout the jurisdiction of the Mojave Water Agency in support of their the mission "to manage the water resources within the the Mojave River Watershed for the common benefit to assure stability in the sustained and beneficial use by all watershed inhabitants."

Further information can be obtained by contacting Matt Huffine at the Lewis Center for Educational Research at 760-946-5414 xt. 238 or by email at Further resources can be found online at...

GEM Applications Online: Applications are available online as an Adobe Acrobat PDF. Please visit the Adobe Acrobat website to obtain the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

GEM Brochure: For a copy of an informational brochure click here.

Application Deadline: Applications are accepted between the first week of August, and the second week of January. Projects are funded on a first come first accepted basis or until all of the available funding has been allocated.


If interested contact Matt Huffine at for more information.