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An Archaeological Discovery of the 1st permanent European Settlement in America and Early Roman glassworks.

The adventure, mystery, and hands-on nature of archaeology offer teachers rich opportunities to teach a variety of subjects. Participating in the Archaeology Adventure, students apply many of their skills, learn new skills and discover how archaeologists help tell the story of the human past.

Class adventures begin with an initial preparation package, which includes lessons on archaeology ethics, observation and inference, and mapping. Teachers teach provided lesson plans that prepare students for their Archaeology Adventure Field Class.

After a short orientation, students in this 3-hour field class proceed to our simulated archaeology site to survey and excavate. Survey teams examine and map the site, discovering many artifacts and features. The excavation team investigates the ruins of structures "built" in Jamestown, the 1st permanent European settlement in America in 1907 OR our Early Roman site. After about an hour's work, teams analyze their finds.
Participation in the Archaeology Adventure is a way for students to apply the scientific method by careful record keeping, hypothesis building, and reporting. It is a cross curricular approach to learning and is designed to help fulfill the California educational standards. In addition to using the scientific method students measure, map, create reports, use data from a variety of sources, learn about people in the past... and get happily dirty!
Archaelogoy field trips can be offered to two classrooms during one field trip.

To schedule a field trip program, contact the Lewis Center at 760-946-5414 ext. 277 or contact

To become a volunteer for this adventure, contact Kay Ardenski, or call 760-946-5414 ext. 276.
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