About the Lewis Center for Educational Research

The Lewis Center for Educational Research, formerly the Apple Valley Science and Technology Center, was conceptualized by Rick Piercy, a former kindergarten teacher. Since opening in 1990, the Lewis Center has hosted more than 110,000 students, teachers and parents participating in outreach programs (Local Programs), clubs and other educational activities. The Lewis Center continues to provide hands-on instructional programs to students and the community. The mission of the Lewis Center is to ensure our schools and programs prepare students for success in a global society through data driven, innovative, and research proven practices in a safe and inclusive culture.

Among the Lewis Center's most significant programs is the Academy for Academic Excellence (AAE), a K-12 charter school in which new teaching techniques and strategies are tested and refined in a standards-based educational program; and the Norton Space and Aeronautics Academy (NSAA), currently a K-8 charter school and is a Dual Immersion Program School which supports our charter educational goals.

Global Programs include the Goldstone Apple Valley Radio Telescope (GAVRT) project with NASA, JPL/Caltech in which teachers nationwide access a 34-meter radio antenna via the Internet.

The Lewis Center is governed by the Board of Directors of the High Desert "Partnership in Academic Excellence" Foundation, Inc., a non-profit corporation.