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Welcome to the Nurse's Corner!

Healthy students learn better! At the Lewis Center, we're committed to maximizing our students' educational potenial; check here for updated information to help you keep your kids healthy.

Ready For School? - Some medical references to help you prepare:

  • Health Tips for Students - Guidelines for healthy school-going.
  • Medication Form - If you want your student to have medication at school, please print this form and take it to your doctor.
  • CHDP Provider List - If you need to find a doctor for your Kindergarden/First Grade physicals, this is a sample list of High Desert doctors.
  • Needed Immunizations - If your student needs immunizations, here is a basic list for what and how many of each is required. Due to the current outbreak of Pertussis, a booster (Tdap) is now required for Middle and High School students starting Aug 2011. The vaccine for meningitis is highly recommended.

Sherry Hoyt-Cline, RN
District Nurse
Phone 760-946-5414 ext. 298