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Current Weather

Latitude N 34° 32' 11"
Longitude W 117° 16' 44"
Altitude 2562 ft (781 m)
Measurements are taken at the top of the hour every hour.

USCS Metric SI
Temperature 0°F -17.78°C 255.37 K
Dewpoint 0°F -17.78°C 255.37 K
Relative Humidity 0% 0% 0%
Windspeed 0 mph 0 km/h 0 m/s
Pressure 0 in Hg 0 mb 0 Pa
Solar Radiation 0 W/m² 0 W/m² 0 W/m²
Precipitation (Hour Total) 0 in 0 cm 0 cm
Precipitation (Daily Total) 0 in 0 cm 0 cm

Current Temperature Current Wind Direction
Average Monthly Precipitation
Period of Record 01-01-17 to 07-31-09
Precipitation data courtesy of Western Regional Climate Center.

Mojave Water Education Kiosk Data
For more information on SI Units, please visit
Conversion formulas taken from NIST Special Publication 811.