The Lewis Center for Educational Research is supported by generous donations of time, materials, equipment, funding and/or commitment through memorandum of understanding with:

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R&S Beverage Company   


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Apple Valley Communications
Armac Insurance Agency
Armstrong Fairway Insurance Agency
First Team Real Estate High Desert
Arwa and Jeremy Hunsucker
Off The Grid Brewery
Bonnie Parti
Toni Preciado
Southwest Gas
Marcia Vargas

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Alaska USA
Alaska USA Mortgage Company
Duberly Beck
Bridge Home Health and Hospice
Desiree Burgnon
Burrtec Waste Industries, Inc.
Chop Stop
Elizabeth Chronister
City of Victorville
Coldwell Banker Commercial/Home Source
Grand Canyon University
ICR Staffing Services
Krank It Hole LLC
Sebastian Lamb
Michaela Sepulveda
Stirling Development
Thompson Family Plumbing
Urban Futures Inc.
Victorville Chevrolet Cadillac
Vineyard Insurance Services
W.A. Thompson Distributing Co.

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Rick Piercy
Pistil and Sigma, Inc.