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The following website links may be useful for teachers and students as they begin to explore the universe. Useful websites for use with the Jupiter Quest Project:

Useful websites for use with the Uranus Campaign:

Windows to the Universe
Excellent resource on Uranus and its atmosphere and space weather. It has three levels: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.
Latest news on space weather.

The Earth and its Atmosphere (Indiana State University)
Explanations about the structure of Earth's atmosphere with diagrams.
Resources for atmosphere and seasons. Movies but can only long on to two movies a day.

Astronomy with a Stick

A series of lesson plans on seasonal changes and the tilt of the Earth.

NASA Science News: Huge Storms Hit Uranus
News story about huge storms hit the planet Uranus. Times lapse movie and quotes from Dr. Hammel.

Amazing Space
Galileo to HST gives an overview of different kinds of telescopes and the advantages and disadvantages of space-based vs. Earth-based telescopes. Deep Field Academy uses data from Hubble to allow students to estimate the number of objects in space and classification of galaxies.

Useful websites for use with the Quasar Variability Study (QVS)::