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Need assistance or a few tips for an upcoming interview? Check out the advice the Ambassadors have collected for you!

Student Ambassadors

About Us:

About Us:

The Lewis Center Student Ambassadors are a group of high school students who represent the Lewis Center and its schools at any level necessary, including but not limited to: local, state, and federal. Their mission statement is “to advocate for quality education and empower students throughout our school, community, and nation.”    
In addition, Lewis Center Student Ambassadors host blood drives for the community, put on the Mr. Knight competition for AAE seniors (and eventually Mr. Rocket for NSLA seniors), and provide tours of the AAE and NSLA campuses to incoming new families, dignitaries, and special guests.  If you would like a tour of one of our campuses, please click on the link below.

Tours Contact Information:

Teresa Dowd
760-946-5414, ext. 201
We Need YOUR Help!

We Need YOUR Help!

Are you interested in supporting the efforts of the ambassadors in our local or greater community? Please consider donating to their cause!

Please send any donations to the Lewis Center, attn: Ambassadors, 17500 Mana Rd., Apple Valley, CA, 92307.  You can also donate online here through this link (please add “Ambassadors” in the comments.)