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This is a Mohave tui chub captured from Lake Tuendae in Zzyzx, California.

  • Common Name:
    • Mohave tui chub (Robert Rush Miller)
  • Scientific Name:
    • Siphateles bicolor mohavensis
      • (formerly Gila bicolor mohavensi)
  • Family: Cyprinidae
  • Group: Fishes
  • Current Status: Endangered

Working with Mohave tui Chub Blog

Click the image above to view the Tui Chub Cam. 
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Current Research & Projects
Current Student-Led Research
  • Science project Report on best cattail removal technique to benefit chub habitat.
Information on the California, Mojave River and Great Basin Areas
Culture and MTC
Genetics of Mohave tui chub
Descriptions and Ecology of Mohave tui chub

Descriptions and Ecology

of tui chub

Current Listing and Status

Information on the Mohave tui chub

Potential, Current,

Natural Populations Status

Current Refuges

Index to fish images, maps and information

Fact Sheets on Gila orcuttii
Common Name: arroyo chub

Fish Base: A Global Information System on Fishes

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