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Field Trips


Mineral City and AVCI field trips are resuming for the
2022-2023 school year.
Contact us today to learn more!


Mineral City

Welcome to the Old West.....Lewis Center style!  Mineral City, a simulated mining town, is located on the AAE Campus above the Mojave River.  Students have the opportunity to explore different aspects of our history through interactive experiences, hands-on activities, and most importantly, fun!

Apple Valley Center for Innovation  (AVCI)

The Apple Valley Center for Innovation, located on Thunderbird campus, provides students an opportunity to explore and experience a day of science and learning.  From hands on science activities for students of all ages to new cutting-edge space exploration, each program at the AVCI challenges young minds to explore the possibilities in science and technology. 

WE ARE NOW TOTALLY BOOKED FOR THE 2022-2023 SCHOOL YEAR AT AVCI! Thank you to all who are joining us!  Contact us in May for 2023-2024 dates. 


For more information, contact us: 

(760) 946-5414 ext: 276.